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Action Resources

Find flyers for our events that you can print and share!

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Health Care Resources

Learn more about Health Care Reform

Go to Health Care Resources.

Immigration Resources

Virginia Organizing is the lead group in Virginia on national immigration issues as a part of Alliance for Citizenship (A4C). Find information here about immigration reform efforts and resources you can use to talk about immigration reform in your community.

Go to Immigration Resources.

Implementos para Organizar

Esta sección contiene artículos que le pueden ayudar a desarrollar una organización comunitaria poderosa y a trabajar temas de importancia. Los artículos son reimpresiones de virginia.organizing la revista de noticias del Virginia Organizing.

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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (LTEs) are one of the most widely read sections of the newspaper. They are a quick, effective and continuing means of communicating your message to a wide audience. Letters can correct and clarify facts, oppose or support actions of an official agency, direct attention to a problem, spur news editors to cover an issue that is being overlooked, and urge readers to support your cause.

Included in this section is a list of Virginia newspaper contact information.

View information on submitting Letters to the Editor.

Media Kit

The media kit provides information about Virginia Organizing and our Board.

Virginia Organizing State Governing Board Bios and Photos

Virginia Organizing Logos and Colors


A regular summary of activities and news published by Virginia Organizing.

View Newsletters.

Organizational Reports

Annual, mid-year, and quarterly reports highlight our accomplishments in the following areas:

• Building strategic capacity
• Issue campaign highlights
• Involving people in the organizing who are directly affected by the issues
• Leadership development
• Awards
• Virginia Organizing by the numbers

Of course, all of these elements are interwoven: increased capacity leads to getting more people active, and leadership training results in more campaign successes. While key metrics are listed at the end of the report, the changes people experience while coming together with others to improve life in their communities is immeasurable.

View Organizational Reports.

Organizing Toolbox

This section provides a number of articles that can help you develop a strong community organization and work on important issues. The articles are reprinted from virginia.organizing, the news magazine of Virginia Organizing.

Go to Organizing Toolbox.

Policy Priorities

We’ve compiled information on our national and state legislative and policy priorities and some other important information for you to know so you can talk to your elected officials about the issues important to Virginians.

2013 Legislative Agenda

Virginia Organizing’s 2013 Legislative Agenda outlines priorities for the General Assembly session to make Virginia more just for all people.

Virginia Organizing 2012 Legislative Agenda


Facts and figures from the latest studies we receive and reports we think you might find useful.

Find research resources here.

Understanding the Economy

Virginia Organizing believes that informed and active citizens need to know how our economy works — or doesn’t work.

All articles are reprinted from virginia.organizing, the news magazine of Virginia Organizing. Click on link below to download archival pdfs.

Find resources here.

Voter Guides

Your guide to the Virginia elections. These guides contain information every responsible citizen should know before they hit the polls:

  • Voting information
  • Deadlines
  • Election information
  • Voter’s rights and responsibilities
  • Regaining voting rights after a felony conviction
  • Your local voter registration offices
  • Issues that affect you and fellow Virginians – we’re all in this together!

Find the voter guides here.


Virginia Organizing wants to help you bring important information on all issues to your local communities. This section contains guides for workshops we have organized and all the know how you might need to conduct your own workshops.

Find workshop information here.

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