Rep. Cantor: "No Irene Disaster Relief Without Spending Cuts"

With Hurricane Irene bearing down on the east coast, Rep. Cantor has extended the same promise to Virginia that he made to the residents of Joplin, Missouri in April: no disaster relief without spending cuts.
Rep. Cantor spokesperson Laena Fallon remarked earlier today, "We aren't going to speculate on damage before it happens, period. But, as you know, Eric has consistently said that additional funds for federal disaster relief ought to be offset with spending cuts."
In April, Rep. Cantor came under criticism for similar controversial remarks about disaster aid for Joplin.


 “We have really reached a new low in American politics if Rep. Cantor is willing to use disaster relief as a political bargaining chip. As my neighbors and I prepare our homes for the worst, it’s truly sad to know that Rep. Cantor has so little concern for the residents of his own state. Disaster relief is a necessary function of government and not something to be bartered with," said Jay Johnson Virginia Organizing Board member and Newport News resident.
"I certainly hope my community does not sustain any damages from Irene. I do not want to see Rep. Cantor hold my Medicare hostage so that we can have bridge repair. We are the richest nation in the world should be able to respond to disasters with more dignity than someone bartering for a couch on Craigslist.”