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2010 In The News

The following are the Virginia Organizing Project news clips from 2010:

Read My Lips, Candidates Debate Taxes 2010-04-30, Augusta Free Press

Panel Against Chesapeake Mobile Park Rezoning 2010-05-13, The Virginian-Pilot

Planning Commision Votes No To Condos 2010-05-13, Fox News

Work Center for Day Laborers 2010-05-14, The Connection

Real Organizing in Iowa, Maine and Virginia 2010-05-14, Firedoglake

Council Hopes Again to Spur Statewide Movement on Payday Loans 2010-05-27, Newsleader

Danville Jobs Day of Action 2010-06-03, Youtube

Chesapeake axes plan but doesn’t save mobile park 2010-06-25, The Virginian-Pilot

Ernest Williams Op-ed: Danville needs Local Jobs for America Act 2010-06-25, GoDanRiver

Charlottesville–Right Now: Beverly James Talks Health Care With Jay 2010-07-01, The Charlottesville Podcasting Network

Health care reform backers gather in Richmond 2010-07-01, Washington Examiner

Protesters gather outside federal courthouse to challenge health care lawsuit 2010-07-01, The Washington Post

Budget cuts put educational standards at risk 2010-07-14, Chesterfield Observer

Virginia Organizing Hosts Tax Workshop 2010-07-16, The Bristol Democrat

A president’s legacy: Casteen, others evaluate his 20 years shepherding UVa 2010-07-18, The Daily Progress

Heads up on Health Care 2010-07-21, The Bristol Democrat

Federal judge says Virginia’s challenge of health reform may proceed 2010-08-03, Insurance & Financial Advisor

Virginia Group to Danville City Council: Support the Jobs Bill, Danville Register and Bee 2010-08-04, GoDanRiver

Virginia Organizing: WINA News Charlottesville 2010-08-05

Celebration of 15 Years of Change in Virginia 2010-08-06, Public News Service

Ernest Williams Op-ed: Danville needs Local Jobs for America Act 2010-08-15, GoDanRiver

What happens in Mayfield affects us all 2010-11-01, FAAR forum

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