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Act Now

Every week, Virginia Organizing posts concrete steps so you can take timely and important action! Tips to making your action effective: be polite but firm (don’t yell or curse or get angry); give your name and where you are from; tell whoever answers the phone what your concern is and why; ask for the official position on your issue; and remember, the person answering the phone is not elected and is just doing his or her job..

Don’t forget, you can connect with a local chapter to work for social, racial, economic, environmental, and gender justice at the local level. Email us at info@virginia-organizing.org so we can help you connect to one of our community organizers.

Giving Tuesday

Make an early donation for Giving Tuesday this year.

Across Virginia, renters have been facing violations of their rights, and many people are without a place to live. This year our chapters in Newport News, Richmond, Waynesboro, and Wythe County are working hard to find ways to keep people housed in safe conditions.

We believe in the importance of relationships and centering the voices of those directly affected. Right now, renters, homeowners, and those without shelter deserve justice.

Thousands of people are in critical need of housing because of illness, bad policies, and racism. Many more will end up without a home unless we can convince decision-makers to think differently about justice and compassion.

A gift of any amount supports our organizing so that directly affected people can create a world where legislators fund housing, landlords are held accountable, and everyone has shelter.

Everyone deserves a place to live.

Donate today. Thank you!

If you need more information or want to learn more about how to get active in your community, please contact us at info@virginia-organizing.org or 434-984-4655 ext. 227. You can also sign up for email updates and action alerts at http://www.virginia-organizing.org/email-signup.

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