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Act Now

Every week, Virginia Organizing posts concrete steps so you can take timely and important action! Tips to making your action effective: be polite but firm (don’t yell or curse or get angry); give your name and where you are from; tell whoever answers the phone what your concern is and why; ask for the official position on your issue; and remember, the person answering the phone is not elected and is just doing his or her job..

Don’t forget, you can connect with a local chapter to work for social, racial, economic, environmental, and gender justice at the local level. Email us at info@virginia-organizing.org so we can help you connect to one of our community organizers.

Keep Child Care in the Budget:

In May, the General Assembly and Governor Youngkin will have to work together to produce a budget after attempts to complete the process during the session failed. The governor’s original budget proposal included generous funding to make child care more accessible to families, and he also included $40 million for workforce development, which would help bring in new child care workers, a measure that is desperately needed to address the real causes of the child care crisis.

We don’t want these funds to be cut in order to fund some other priority!

Please contact your state senator and delegate and ask them to support this child care funding. You can find them at this link.

If you need more information or want to learn more about how to get active in your community, please contact us at info@virginia-organizing.org or 434-984-4655 ext. 227. You can also sign up for email updates and action alerts at http://www.virginia-organizing.org/email-signup.

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