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2011 In The News

The following are Virginia Organizing Project media clips from 2011:

Bill would limit rail-car stays 2011-01-21, Freelance Star

UMW Students March for Immigrant Rights 2011-02-02, Fredericksburg Patch

Interview: Hispanic Concerns: Rick Castañeda 2011-02-04, WHSV

Holding CSX Accountable in Fredericksburg 2011-02-08, Blue Virginia

Group Organizing Against Virginia “Anti-Immigrant” Bills 2011-02-08, Hburg News

Immigration forum in Harrisonburg 2011-02-08, Augusta Free Press

Danville group speaks out against repealing health care law 2011-02-08, WSLS

Reaching out to our congressman 2011-02-08, Go Dan River

Panel OKs Crackdown on Illegal Immigrants 2011-02-08, Woodbridge Patch

Immigration Conversation: Activists Gather To Discuss Bills Making Their Way Through Assembly 2011-02-09, Daily News Record

In Va. House and hallways, immigrant issue is back 2011-02-09, The Virginian-Pilot

Bill passes through the House that would prohibit immigrants from attending public colleges in Va. 2011-02-10, WTKR

House Republicans reject bipartisan redistricting panel 2011-02-15, Richmond Times Dispatch

Immigrants Rights Supporters Across Virginia Rally to Block Anti-Immigrant Legislation 2011-02-17, PitchEngine

Anti-immigrant bills fall in Virginia Senate 2011-02-17, Augusta Free Press

Virginia groups hit McDonnell for Walker support 2011-02-24, Washington Examiner

Virginia groups criticize McDonnell’s support of Wisconsin’s Walker 2011-02-24, The Washington Post

Virginia labor groups support Wisconsin protest action 2011-02-25, State House News Online

Think your vote in Va.’s elections doesn’t matter? Think again. 2011-02-28, The Virginian-Pilot

Students rally for living wage 2011-02-28, The Cavalier Daily

Stop the race to the bottom, support public sector workers 2011-03-06, The Progress-Index

Consumer groups hit Saslaw over car title lending 2011-03-07, The Washington Post

Correspondent: Gov. Walker is aiding and abetting 2011-03-07, Times Dispatch

Compounding misery 2011-03-10, Fredericksburg Star

Students come to Danville to learn community organizing 2011-03-16, WSLS

Activism around Virginia 2011-03-18, New Dominion Project

One year: Gridlock over health-care law reform 2011-03-22, State House News Online

Group to Host Health Care Law Informational Forum 2011-03-22, WTVR

Health Care Law Turns 1 2011-03-23, Public News Service

Happy Birthday Affordable Care Act 2011-03-23, Blue Virginia

Scott Praises Health Care Reform at Forum 2011-03-24, Ideas Station

Group marks anniversary of health care law 2011-03-24, The Progress-Index

Health care law birthday celebrated in Danville 2011-03-25, Go Dan River

Fighting to Protect Health Insurance Reform 2011-03-25, New Dominion Project

March 22nd PPACA forum in Richmond 2011-04-04, NPAlliance

Hazmat Relief 2011-04-07, Fredericksburg Star

Tea party rallies on tax day 2011-04-15, The Daily Progress

Area Group Takes Time to Thank Taxes 2011-04-18, News Plex

For Some Tax Day is a Reason to Celebrate and Raise Awareness 2011-04-18, NBC29

VA Tax Day Message: Be Fair 2011-04-18, Public News Service

VOP Holds Pro-Tax Rally 2011-04-19, WINA

What would you expect to talk about? 2011-04-20, Go Dan River

Don’t cut Social Security to reduce America’s debt 2011-05-02, Star Exponent

Hearings in Richmond on health-care reform on Tuesday 2011-05-09, Daily Press

Supporters, detractors rally over Virginia’s health care lawsuit 2011-05-10, State House News Online

Health Care Reform Heads to Court 2011-05-10, NBC

Virginia’s health care lawsuit heard by federal appeals panel 2011-05-10, WDBJ7

Federal Appeals Court Hears Two Challenges to Obama’s Healthcare Overhaul 2011-05-10, NBC

Federal court hears two health-care appeals 2011-05-10, Times Dispatch

Health care appeal goes before 3-judge panel 2011-05-10, The Washington Times

Appeals court in Va. hears health care cases 2011-05-10, NBC

A federal appeals court hears arguments about Obama’s health care law–and broccoli 2011-05-10, Slate

Appeals Court Hears Challenges To Health Care Law 2011-05-11, NPR

Tax policy study: Flip it to fix it 2011-05-25, Augusta Free Press

Events in 18 States to Mark Tenth Anniversary of $1.35 Trillion Bush Tax Cut 2011-06-03, The Sacramento Bee

Library Rally to Protest Bush Tax Cuts 2011-06-06, Fredericksburg Patch

Locals pressure Hurt to reject budget proposal 2011-06-07, WBTM

The Bush Tax Cuts and Virginia: Ten Years of Money Down the Drain 2011-06-07, Blue Virginia

Groups push for end to Bush tax cuts 2011-06-07, Augusta Free Press

Virginia Organizing rallies at Hurt’s Danville office 2011-06-07, Topix

Virginia Organizing rallies at Hurt’s Danville office 2011-06-07, Go Dan River

Virginia Organizing rallies at Hurt’s Danville office 2011-06-08, Silo Breaker

Virginia Organizing rallies at Hurt’s Danville office 2011-06-08

Toilet Tax Cut Protest Draws Small Crowd 2011-06-08, Fredericksburg Patch

How are Those Bush Tax Cuts Working Out for Ya? 2011-06-08, Public News Service

Crime & Punishment: VA Community’s Fight with Oxycontin 2011-07-05, Public News Service

VA Group Travels State to Debunk Social Security “Myths” 2011-07-15, Public News Service

Sandra Cook’s building a better future 2011-07-25, Progress Index

Protect Social Security program and seniors 2011-08-06, Tricities

Former Teacher: “Valley Schools At A Breaking Point” 2011-08-11, WHSV

Don’t put Social Security ‘on the table’ 2011-08-14, Fredericksburg Star

Health care not a drag 2011-08-14, News Advance

Cantor criticized again for saying federal aid should be offset with spending cuts 2011-08-29, The Washington Post

Protestors voice desire for jobs, frustration with Cantor 2011-08-31, Times Dispatch


Cantor in the bubble 2011-09-01, The Washington Post

Holiday Inn Abruptly Ejects Progressive Groups Who Reserved Space For Jobs Rally In Same Hotel As Cantor Event 2011-09-01, Think Progress

Large protest outside Cantor meeting in Chesterfield 2011-09-01, WTVR

VA Hotel Evicts Paying Liberal Guests to ‘Avoid Confrontation’ with Eric Cantor 2011-09-01, Addicting Info

Appeals court upholds health-care law 2011-09-09, Augusta Free Press

Local woman energized by meeting with President Obama 2011-09-14, The Progress Index

State, local groups host candidates’ forum 2011-09-17, Inside NOVA

Advocacy groups host forum for General Assembly candidates 2011-09-19, The Washington Post

Local Group Questions City Hiring Practices 2011-09-19, NewsPlex

Councilors Hear Demands To Promote Black Employees 2011-09-20, WINA

Minorities underrepresented in Charlottesville city departments? 2011-09-20, C-ville

Group debunks social security rumors in Danville 2011-09-22, WDBJ

Group expresses inequity concerns 2011-09-23, Cavalier Daily

Virginia Organizing hosts Social Security presentation 2011-09-23, Go Dan River

Fair and square? 2011-09-27, C-ville

Seeking new homes – and, for some, finding one 2011-09-27, News Leader

Beverley Tenants Protest Short Vacate Notice 2011-09-27, NBC

The Clock is Ticking for Beverley Hotel Residents 2011-09-27, WHSV

Protesters were at Beverley in support of tenants 2011-09-30, News Leader

Group was standing up for Beverley residents 2011-10-0, News Leader

Gas drilling plan is in a holding pattern 2011-10-04, WSLS

Tense meeting about gas drilling in Washington County, Va. 2011-10-04, Tricities

In Va. Beach, Ex-Insurance Chief Speaks On Health Care 2011-10-05, Insurance News Net

Local Forum Addresses New Health Care Law 2011-10-07, NJournal

Biz organizations differ on health care 2011-10-07, Inside Biz

Protest, Staunton style 2011-10-10, NewsLeader

Wendell Potter in VA Beach: Health care law “already saving the lives of millions” 2011-10-10, Youtube

Protesters speak out against ‘corporate greed’ 2011-10-11, Daily Progress

Local Group Urges Consumers To Avoid Big Banks 2011-10-14, WINA

Dang money: Protests on the Mall, UVA, Lee Park 2011-10-14, Read The Hook

Virginia Organizing Holds Protest on Downtown Mall 2011-10-14, NBC

‘Occupy’ Staunton Protestors Close Bank of America Accounts 2011-10-17, WHSV

Candidates Take Stand on Social Justice Issues 2011-10-17, Connection Newspapers

Occupy Wall Street Movement Hits Staunton 2011-10-17, NBC

Protestors speak out against Wall Street banks 2011-10-18, Daily Progress

Cantor cancels Philadelphia income inequality speech amid protests 2011-10-21, The Washington Post

Keystone Progress continues protest plans, despite rumor Cantor won’t show 2011-10-21, NewsWorks

Cantor cancels speech after event opened to public 2011-10-21, Times Dispatch

“Occupy” Coward: Eric Cantor Cancels Philly Speech 2011-10-21, Huffington Post

Cantor cancels Penn speech, Occupy Philly still protests 2011-10-22, Philly

Mark Holmberg Commentary on Rep. Cantor’s Decision to Cancel Event 2011-10-22, WTVR

Cantor cancels Pennsylvania speech opened to public 2011-10-22, Times Dispatch

Groups: Cantor Can’t Stand the Heat 2011-10-24, Public News Service

Bank of America Customers Close Accounts in Divestment Protest 2011-11-05, NBC

Big banks don’t care about bad economy 2011-11-06, Daily Progress

Virginia Organizing Protests Big Banks Outside Bank of America 2011-11-12, NBC

Virginia Organizing presentation on tax reform for Occupy Blacksburg 2011-11-13, Youtube

Richmond bridge protest calls for repairs, jobs 2011-11-17, The Washington Post

Rally for Job Creation 2011-11-17, WTVR

Unemployed workers protest job shortages 2011-11-17, NBC

Groups to protest today beneath Hamilton Street bridge 2011-11-17, Times Dispatch

“Social Justice Bowl” Honors Promoters of Social Justice 2011-11-18, NewsPlex

Protests in Norfolk target banks’ corporate policies 2011-11-19, The Virginian-Pilot

“Occupy” ideas are focus of meeting in Abingdon 2011-11-21, Tricities

Council to address local discrimination 2011-11-29, Cavalier Daily

Reston Impact – Joe Szakos – July 2011 2011-12-13, Vimeo

Danville protesters ask Hurt for meeting about Social Security 2011-12-15, Go Dan River

Looking Back at Delegation Experience in Afghanistan 2011-12-28, NBC

Joe Szakos Returns From Visit To Afganistan 2011-12-28, WINA

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