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2012 In The News

The following are Virginia Organizing’s media clips for 2012:

Protesters rally on Capitol Square as legislators return 2012-01-11, The Washington Post

Battle for More Conservative Policy Shaping Up in Legislature 2012-01-12, WY Daily

Virginia Organizing C-ville Chapter on people of color in supervisory and managerial positions 2012-01-18, Youtube

Virginia Organizing calls on GA to move forward with health-benefits exchange 2012-01-18, Augusta Free Press

Crowd hears both sides of gas drilling issue during forum in Washington County, Va. 2012-01-24, Tricities

Virginia bill would test welfare recipients for drug use 2012-01-25, The Roanoke Times

Administration stalls on health benefits exchange in Virginia 2012-01-28, Daily Press

Local Grassroots Group Helps Hispanics Find Voice 2012-01-2, WHSV

Health benefits exchange pushed in Danville 2012-01-29, Go Dan River

Confront Corporate Power Actions Across the Country 2012-02-02, New Bottom Line

Voter ID Bill Draws Protests At Fredericksburg Library 2012-02-02, Fredericksburg Patch

Protest Continues Against Bank Of America 2012-02-03, WINA

Protestors disagree on voter ID 2012-02-0, Fredericksburg Star

Council set to weigh in on if it’s time for action on anti-discrimination body 2012-02-04, The Daily Progress

Council votes to launch 10-month study of human rights commission to address employment, housing 2012-02-07, Cavalier Daily

Predatory lending under protest in Danville 2012-02-08, Go Dan River

Residents Have a Message for Sen. Stanley 2012-02-08, ABC

Predatory Lending Under Protest in Danville 2012-02-09, Loan Safe

This budget-cutting insanity risks our, our children’s future 2012-02-12, News Leader

VA Group: No Love for the Legislature 2012-02-14, Public News Service

Crossover Day at the General Assembly 2012-02-14, WRIC

Mixed Emotions On V-Day As Crossover Nears For Lawmakers 2012-02-14, NBC

Richmond wades through ‘crossover day’ 2012-02-14, The Washington Post

Virginians gather for “Broken Hearts Day” 2012-02-14, ABC

Afternoon Read: Valentine’s Day in the DMV 2012-02-14, NBC

Danvillians join in Richmond protest 2012-02-14, Go Dan River

Broken Hearts on Capitol Hill 2012-02-14, Examiner

Hearts broken — over legislation — at Virginia’s General Assembly 2012-02-14, The Washington Post

Clymore: Reluctant to ask for money from Staunton City Council 2012-02-15, News Leader

What becomes of the broken hearted? 2012-02-15, HRBlogs

Let legislators know that education counts 2012-02-17, News Leader

Writer: Meet with us, don’t diss us 2012-02-19, Go Dan River

Local Group Protests Voter ID 2012-02-2, Youtube

Protestors Against Proposed Voter Bills 2012-02-21, ABC

Martinsville protesters against voter ID bills 2012-02-21, ABC

Virginia Organizing Protests Big Banks, Payday Lending 2012-02-25, NBC

Teachers protest state budget cuts 2012-03-03, News Leader

Students try to unite Danville community 2012-03-09, Go Dan River

Women’s Day protest targets new law 2012-03-09, News Leader

Danville weatherization program off to slow start, group hopes to stimulate interest 2012-03-12, ABC

McDonnell petitioned to veto Virginia voter ID bills 2012-03-15, The Washington Times

As nonprofit structure changes, community garden looks to go it alone 2012-03-20, C-ville

Virginia lawmakers begin working on budget compromise 2012-03-21, The Washington Post

Group criticizes Goodlatte health stance 2012-03-22, News Leader

Supporters of Affordable Care Act Protest Outside of Congressman’s Office 2012-03-22, ABC

VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli Backtracks On Ignoring Affordable Care Act 2012-03-22, Think Progress

JMU Students Brought Attention to Affordable Care Act 2012-03-23, WHSV

Obama’s healthcare reform faces Supreme Court challenge 2012-03-25, Telegraph

Day one: What’s at stake 2012-03-26, Blue Virginia

Health Care Reform Opponents, Supporters Rally in Charlottesville 2012-03-26, NBC

Activists: Don’t Repeal Progress of Affordable Care Act 2012-03-26, Newsplex

Day Two: Virginians Know That Health Care is Not Broccoli 2012-03-27, Blue Virginia

Lynchburg groups keep close eye on Supreme Court health care debate 2012-03-27, WDBJ

Rally supports health care act 2012-03-27, Cavalier Daily

Day Three: Expanding Medicaid because 48th is just sad. 2012-03-28, Blue Virginia

Affordable Care Act Is Working for Virginia 2012-03-28, Progress-Index

Health care and small businesses 2012-03-28, Fredericksburg

VA Woman Voices “Obamacare” Support at U.S. Supreme Court 2012-03-28, Public News Service

MW: Student Group Defends Health Care At Rally 2012-03-28, Blue and Gray Press

Health care activists refocus after court adjourns 2012-03-29

Supreme Court to rule on “ObamaCare” 2012-04-01, WAVY

If You Have Time for Me, I Have Time for You: Branching Out in Danville, Virginia 2012-04-02, WMbranchout

Dueling tax rallies set for Monday 2012-04-15, Daily Progress

Local report suggests justice system’s racial bias 2012-04-17, Cavalier Daily

Opposing Tax Day Rallies in Charlottesville 2012-04-17, NBC

Martinsville Chapter Denounces Hurt’s Support of Ryan Budget 2012-04-18, Martinsville Media

Virginia’s antiquated tax system 2012-05-02, New Era Progress

Grassroots Group Protesting Bank of America Meeting 2012-05-08, Newsplex

Danville protesters attend Bank of America shareholders meeting 2012-05-09, Go Dan River

Danville Man Among Bank Of America Protesters 2012-05-12, ABC

Health Care Advocates Drum Up Support in Staunton 2012-05-14, NBC

Women in Staunton briefed on services available under federal health care 2012-05-15, The News Virginian

Bank of America won’t hear message until we divest 2012-05-19, Daily Progress

Non-Profit Fights for Valley Families Facing Deportation 2012-05-19, WHSV

UVA Still Simmering 2012-06-22, Virginia Public Radio

UVA Board To Meet June 26 Amidst Push To Reinstate Sullivan 2012-06-22, WAMU

Activists Await High Court’s Health Care Decision 2012-06-23, NBC

Local Reactions to Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona Immigration Laws 2012-06-25, WHSV

Live local, bank local 2012-06-28, Go Dan River

Virginia Organizing Responds to ACA Decision 2012-06-28, Blue Virginia

Virginia Organizing ‘thrilled’ about health care ruling 2012-06-28, Roanoke

Supporters cheer victory for health care in Danville 2012-06-29, Go Dan River

More Reactions on Supreme Court’s Health Care Decision 2012-06-29, Hispanic Business

ACA Upheld – Photo Essay 2012-06-30, MyMusings-Maggie

Richmond area small businesses react to health care ruling 2012-06-30, Times Dispatch

Expert: Health Insurance Mandate Needed – Only 1-Percent will Pay Penalty 2012-07-12, Public News Service

Virginia Organizing Goes to the White House 2012-07-13, WINA

Virginia Organizing Reports on White House briefing 2012-07-16, WINA

The fight goes on 2012-07-21, Pilot Online

Civic groups to Va.: Allow voter forms 2012-07-27, Times Dispatch

Concerns Over Voter Fraud in Virginia 2012-07-28, ABC

Report: End to Bush tax cuts only affects very wealthy 2012-08-01, Augusta Free Press

Protestors at Morgan Griffith’s Abingdon office 2012-08-03, NBC

Group marks birthday of Medicare, Medicaid with protest outside Rep. Griifith’s office 2012-08-04, Tricities

The Group That Used to Have ‘Project’ In Its Name 2012-08-04, WMRA

Petitioning: Lifejacket-clad demonstrators deliver message to Hurt 2012-08-05, Read The Book

Hurt Defends Votes On Medicare, Medicaid 2012-08-06, WINA

WINA Interview with Virginia Organizing board member, Ray Scher 2012-08-07, WINA

Virginia Organizing thanks Anthem CEO for health care rebate 2012-08-12, Augusta Free Press

Group Urges Anthem To Back Medicaid Expansion 2012-08-12, WINA

Young Illegal Immigrants are Hopeful after Deferred Action Program 2012-08-15, WHSV

Virginia Organizing leaders attend White House briefing 2012-08-17, The Progress-Index

VA Voter ID Law Gets Fed Approval: Groups Ready to Mobilize Voters 2012-08-22, Public News Service

Demonstrators picket Goodlatte’s Staunton office 2012-08-25, Daily Progress

Advocacy Group Targets Goodlatte 2012-08-26, Daily News Record (Harrisonburg)

Company that Wants to Mine Uranium Vows Safety 2012-08-29, The Virginian-Pilot

Protest Against Hurt and Griffith in Martinsville 2012-09-12, ABC

Voter Registration for College Students 2012-09-12, WHSV

This Week’s Victories in Voting Rights 2012-09-14, Color Lines

Register to vote-soon 2012-09-21, Fredericksburg

Virginia Organizing Calls Potential Voters on Important Issues, Encourages Voter Participation 2012-09-27, Blue Virginia

Virginia Organizing and Virginia Interfaith Center Host Social Justice University 2012-10-01, The Penn Ave Post

Virginia Organizing and Virginia Interfaith Center Host Social Justice University 2012-10-01, Blue Virginia

Listening Project Volunteers Make Effort to Empower 2012-10-03, NBC

Virginia Slowly Restoring Voting Rights to Ex-Felons 2012-10-05, News Plex

Voter Education Forum 2012-10-08, WHSV

Important Voting Deadlines 2012-10-11, WHSV

Virginia Organizing Hosts Voter Education Forum in Staunton 2012-10-11, NBC

Secret meetings no way to run government 2012-10-13, The Progress-Index

Sen. Mark Warner won’t meet with Virginia Organizing 2012-10-19, Go Dan River

Supervisors Hold Off Vote on Controversial Immigration Law 2012-10-25, WHSV

Rockingham supervisors decline to renew 287(g) immigration agreement 2012-10-25, Augusta Free Press

Rockingham supervisors decline to renew 287(g) immigration agreement 2012-10-25, Luray Page Free Press

Supervisors Take No Action To Renew 287g 2012-10-25, Virginia Organizing

Virginia Organizing and Virginia New Majority Rally to Support Medicaid 2012-11-01, Blue Virginia

Advocacy group helps inmates register to vote 2012-11-05, The Virginian-Pilot

Groups call for rich to pay more 2012-11-12, VA Gazette

Virginia labor unions, activists push for end to Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy 2012-11-12, The Washington Post

Weighing in on Tax Cuts 2012-11-12, WVTF

Virginia labor unions, activists push for end to tax cuts 2012-11-13, BizJournals

Advocacy Groups Call On Virginia Senators To Let Bush-Era Tax Cuts Expire 2012-11-13, WAMU

Virginia Organizing Visits White House 2012-11-15, WHSV

Virginia Organizing invited to White House working meeting 2012-11-15, WHSV

Virginia Organizing Rallies People to Engage with Congress 2012-11-27, NBC

Charlottesville Active on Fiscal Issues 2012-11-27, Amazonaws

Dozens join Virginia Organizing stop in Danville 2012-12-04, News Advance

Fiscal Cliff Forum 2012-12-04, WHSV

Virginia Organizing Holds Forum on Mary Baldwin’s Looming Fiscal Cliff 2012-12-05, NBC

Danville Chapter of Virginia Organizing Occupy Rep. Hurt’s Office 2012-12-10, Blue Virginia

It’s time for Big Pharma to pay more 2012-12-14, Roanoke Blog

Governor’s Budget Amendment Proposal 2012-12-17, TV Eyes

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