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2013 In The News

The following are Virginia Organizing’s media clips from 2013:

Local Public Hearing Friday on Governor’s Budget Amendments 2013-01-03, Woodbridge Patch

Joe Szakos interview on restoration of voting rights 2013-01-13, WINA

Virginia Organizing releases 2013 Legislative agenda blueprint 2013-01-16, Tricities

Push in VA to Ban Workplace Sexual Orientation Discrimination 2013-01-17, NBC

Northern Virginia Democrats Finally Get Traction on Voting Rights for Nonviolent Felons 2013-01-17, Connection Newspapers

Non-discrimination bill signs 46 legislative co-patrons 2013-01-18, Augusta Free Press

Va. Senate committee passes nondiscrimination bill 2013-01-22, Hampton Roads

General Asssembly panel OKs drug screens for benefits recipients 2013-01-25, News Advance

Speak up to better our quality of life 2013-01-26, Daily Progress

Proposed Human Rights Commission Seeks Power, Raises Questions 2013-01-29, NBC

Progressive groups deliver petitions against GOP-backed redistricting 2013-01-30, Times Dispatch

Petitions Opposing Redistricting Delivered to Gov. McDonnell 2013-01-30, NBC

Decision on Medicaid looms before Va. legislature 2013-01-31 Hampton Roads

Local Group Lobbies at General Assembly 2013-02-07, WHSV

Area man lobbies for Medicaid expansion in Virginia 2013-02-08, Fredricksburg

Medicaid Expansion 2013-02-12, WINA

Va. House panel spikes absentee bill for senior voters 2013-02-13, Tricities

Group: Corporate loopholes cost Va. millions in taxes 2013-02-15, Winchester Star

Key vote on photo ID bill looms in Virginia legislature 2013-02-19, Hampton Roads

Local protest calls for equality on taxes 2013-02-21, Winchester Star

Some on Medicaid panel skeptical of expansion 2013-02-25, Hampton Roads

Virginia lawmakers carefully consider Medicaid growth 2013-02-27, Roanoke

Virginians talk about impact of sequester 2013-03-05, Augusta Free Press

Alumni serve as role models for students on alternative break trips 2013-03-06, William and Mary

SAAA: Budget to buffer some federal cuts 2013-03-08, nvdaily

Get Schooled: WM Alums Help Sponsor Service Spring Breaks 2013-03-08, wydaily

Budget cuts forsake the middle class 2013-03-10, Hampton Roads

Advocacy groups urge McDonnell to veto voter ID bills 2013-03-12, Augusta Free Press

Protests pick up as Congress battles over the budget 2013-03-20, WVEC

Warner in Roanoke, discussing immigration issues 2013-03-28, Roanoke Blogs

Virginia Organizing is holding a virtual phone bank solidarity action on National Immigration Day, April 10, 2013 2013-04-05, VBCCO

Local groups host immigration rally 2013-04-08, Cavalier Daily

Primera junta general de inmigrantes en Virginia a favor de la Reforma Migratoria 2013-04-08, Fox

People in Charlottesville Rally for Immigration Reform 2013-04-08, NBC

Local Residents Rally For Immigration Reform 2013-04-08, WINA

Rally for immigration reform 2013-04-09, Read The Hook

Marcha en Harrisonburg por La Reforma Migratoria 2013-04-10, Facebook

Downtownburg: Immigration Rally 2013-04-10, Tumblr

Hundreds Attend Reform Rally 2013-04-11, Virginia Organizing

Group rallies for immigration reform 2013-04-11, BreezeJMU

Rally in support of immigration reform in Harrisonburg 2013-04-11, Augusta Free Press

Immigration Reform Supporters Rally in Court Square 2013-04-11, WHSV

Employers Cover Fewer Virginians 2013-04-12, Hispanic Business

Charlottesville Group Protests Tax Day 2013-04-15, Newsplex

Va. lawmakers have mixed reactions to Senate immigration proposal 2013-04-18, Times Dispatch

Today’s top opinion: Out of commission 2013-04-18, Times Dispatch

Groups want Spotsylvania mural to tell ‘entire story’ 2013-04-24, Fredericksburg 

Goodlatte offers first bills on immigration 2013-04-26, Roanoke

Goodlatte introduces agricultural guestworker legislation 2013-04-27, Daily Progress

Spotsy mural should be more multicultural  2013-04-29, Fredericksburg

Report: Obama tax proposal would affect only 5.1 percent of Virginians  2013-04-30, Augusta Free Press

Dozens rally in Charlottesville for immigration reform  2013-05-01, NBC

Group Challenges Goodlatte 2013-05-01, WSVA

Immigration policy tough for families, group says 2013-05-02, The Virginian-Pilot

Community Forum Raises Awareness on Immigration Reform 2013-05-02, NewsPlex

No path to citizenship in next House immigration bills 2013-05-02, Times Dispatch

Immigrants rights groups march on congressman’s Herndon office 2013-05-02, Fairfax Times

WTJU Soundboard Immigration 2013-05-09, SoundCloud

Vigil Calls For Reform – Court Square Crowd Says Immigration Law Vital 2013-05-20, DNRonline

Local Reaction to Immigration Reform Bill 2013-05-22, WHSV

Hispanic Churches Hold Prayer Vigil for Immigration Reform 2013-05-29, WHSV

Up to 4,000 city residents could have voting rights restored 2013-05-31, Progress-Index

Virginia Organizing: Tirelessly Advocating for Social Justice for All People 2013-05-31, Virginia-Organizing

Small businesses pay when Medicaid is not expanded 2013-05-31, Virginia-Organizing

Event Helps Former Felons Register to Vote 2013-05-31, WHSV

Goodlatte’s bill falls short of reform 2013-06-02, Roanoke

‘Lord and Lady Fairfax’ Honorees Lauded for Community Contributions 2013-06-07, SunGazette

Senator Kaine Speaking on the U.S. Senate Floor on behalf of Immigration Reform 2013-06-11, C-Span

In Spanish Floor Speech, Kaine Makes Case For Immigration Reform 2013-06-11, Kaine Senate

Survey Shows Overwhelming Support for Immigration Reform in VA 2013-06-14, Public News Service

“Understanding Obamacare” series to kick off today 2013-06-15, Roanoke

Virginia still undecided on Medicaid expansion 2013-06-16, Roanoke

Every Child Matters in Virginia 2013-06-17, Madison Dems

Virginians Weigh In on House vs. Senate Immigration Bill 2013-06-17, WVTF

Virginians Weigh in on House vs. Senate Immigration Plans 2013-06-17, VA Public Radio

Protesters, Advocates Talk about Medicaid Expansion in Virginia 2013-06-17, WHSV

Virginia Kids Campaign to Kick Off on June 18; Releases Poll Results 2013-06-18, Politics in Stereo

Success!! At least temporarily! 2013-06-18, Big Education Ape

Virginia Kids Campaign to Kick Off on June 18; Releases Poll Results 2013-06-18, Blue Virginia

Strong Kids, Strong Virginia Campaign Makes Stop in Charlottesville 2013-06-19, NewsPlex

Study: Senate immigration bill will reduce deficit, boost economy 2013-06-19, Augusta Free Press

“Strong Kids, Strong Virginia” Advocates for State’s Youth 2013-06-19, NBC

Children getting a voice at the ballot box in Va. 2013-06-20, Times Dispatch

Campaign for kids kicks off in Roanoke: “Strong Kids, Strong Virginia” provides people with a picture of the status of children in Virginia 2013-06-20, WDBJ

VA Leaders, Groups Weigh in on Voting Rights Act Ruling 2013-06-25, NBC

Non-violent felons: How many will get to vote? 2013-06-27, Read The Hook

Virginia Organizing Forum explores history of Valley immigration 2013-06-27, Augusta Free Press

Virginia Organizing protests tax breaks to big corporations 2013-06-28, News Advance

People in the Valley React to Senate’s Passing of the Immigration Reform Bill 2013-06-28, WHSV

Guide to Health Care Reform from Virginia Organizing 2013-07-03, NVRC

Goodlatte Open to Citizenship for Young Undocumented Immigrants 2013-07-03, Business Week 

Voting rights: One step forward, two steps back 2013-07-07, The Virginian-Pilot

Voting rights: One step forward, two steps back 2013-07-07, the Virginian-Pilot

Immigration Reform and Virginia 2013-07-08, WMRA

Project depicts lives of immigrants in Shenandoah Valley 2013-07-1, Augusta Free Press

Darrick Brown joins Les Sinclair to talk about voting rights being restored to nonviolent felons. 2013-07-16, WINA

McDonnell Administration Details Voting Rights Restoration Process 2013-07-16, Idea Stations

Valley Immigrants Share Stories on New Website 2013-07-17, WHSV

Virginia unveils plan for restoring voting rights to former felons 2013-07-19, Southern Studies

House Republicans talk immigration reform with Latinos 2013-07-19, Voxxi

Local Business Owner Talks Shop at the White House 2013-07-21, NewsPlex

Predatory lending subject of seminar Monday 2013-07-22, NewsAdvance

Virginia next to last in health reform outreach 2013-07-24, Fredericksburg

Virginia near bottom in per capita spending to promote awareness of health care law 2013-07-24, The Washington Post

Virginia near bottom in spending for health care law outreach 2013-07-25, Roanoke

Reforma: presión en Virginia y DC 2013-07-26, El Tiempo Latino

Supporters Hold Vigil to Keep Undocumented Immigrant in the U.S. 2013-07-26, WHSV

March held in Gypsy Hill Park in memory of Trayvon Martin 2013-07-2, News Leader

Virginia Organizing rallies downtown, calls on Congress to increase corporate taxes 2013-07-29, Daily Progess

Small Business Owners Discuss ACA 2013-07-29, WVTF

Man Facing Deportation Gets Extension 2013-07-29, WHSV

Va. Group Calls for Tax Fairness 2013-07-29, Newsplex

Goodlatte Touts Enforcement In Path To Citizenship For Kids, But Details Slim 2013-07-29, DNROnline 

Virginia Organizing intern discusses tax fairness 2013-07-30, WINA

Virginia Organizing rallies downtown, calls on Congress to increase corporate taxes 2013-07-30, Daily Progress

Candidates Agree on Amendment for Voting Rights, Disagree on Executive Order 2013-08-02, Alexandria Gazette

15-City Va. Tour to Highlight Policies, Justice Issues, Services to Aid Ex-Felons 2013-08-07, The New Journal and Guide

Holmberg: Why does Congress get waiver for health care act? 2013-08-12 , WTVR

Mobile justice tour stops in Harrisonburg 2013-08-13, WHSV

The long road to change 2013-08-14, Nation Inside

Glad to have Virginia Organizing 2013-08-17, Daily Progress

Pro-immigration group to appear at Goodlatte town hall meeting 2013-08-17, Daily Progress

Goodlatte to host town hall meeting Monday in Verona 2013-08-17, NewsLeader

Inside Charlottesville: Virginia Organizing, August 18, 2013 2013-08-18, NewsPlex

Virginia immigration reform group targets Goodlatte town hall meeting 2013-08-18, Roanoke

Hundreds at state capitol grounds to rally against Medicaid expansion 2013-08-19, WTVR

Rechazan ”vía especial” a la ciudadanía 2013-08-19, Informador

Autobús proreforma migratoria inicia visitas a congresistas del medio-oeste 2013-08-19, Google

Goodlatte Holds Town Hall Meeting 2013-08-19, WHSV

At town hall, Rep. Bob Goodlatte opposes immigration bill 2013-08-19, Roanoke

House Judiciary chairman rejects ‘special’ path to citizenship, promises to fight Senate bill 2013-08-19, The Washington Post

Goodlatte Holds Town Hall Meeting on Immigration 2013-08-19, NBC

Lawmaker pressed on immigration reform at town hall meeting 2013-08-19, The Hill

Bob Goodlatte On Immigration: No ‘Special Pathway’ From House 2013-08-19, Huffington Post

Immigration a hot topic at Goodlatte meeting 2013-08-20, Daily Progress

Roll Call: Photo blog on Goodlatte town hall 2013-08-20, Photos 

House chairman rejects ‘special’ citizenship path 2013-08-20, Yahoo

Goodlatte Addresses Full House At Town Hall 2013-08-20, DNR Online

Town-Hall Dramas Use Activists’ Scripts 2013-08-20, WSJ

Representante rechaza ruta “especial” a ciudadanía 2013-08-20, El Nuevo Herald

Chicago Democratic congressman to speak at Harrisonburg public forum on immigration 2013-08-21, NewsLeader

Watch what happens when Republican congressmen have to explain their immigration position to actual immigrants 2013-08-21, The Washington Post

The GOP’s latest immigration bait-and-switch 2013-08-21, The Washington Post

Congressman to speak Monday at immigration forum 2013-08-23, The Daily Progress

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Asks Latino Man At Town Hall If He Is Undocumented 2013-08-24, Think Progress

Immigration reformists gain American support, try to turn opponents 2013-08-26, The Washington Times

2013 Immigration Reform: House Dems Ready To Make Concessions Like Senate, Says Gutierrez 2013-08-26, IB Times

Illinois Democrat makes immigration pitch in Virginia 2013-08-26, USA Today

Congressman Gutierrez coming to Harrisonburg 2013-08-26, TVeyes

Illinois Democrat makes immigration pitch in Virginia 2013-08-27, KSDK

Rep. Luis Guiterrez (D-IL) leads immigration rally in Virginia 2013-08-27, TVeyes

Immigration activists pressure GOP’s Goodlatte in Virginia 2013-08-27, The Hill

Gutierrez: House dems ready to compromise on Amnesty 2013-08-27, Roger Hedge Cock

Congress: Time to raise the debt limit 2013-08-27, First Read

An Illegal Immigrant’s Guide to the U.S. Congress 2013-08-28, The Fiscal Times

March on Washington Brings other Equality Issues to Forefront 2013-08-29, WHSV

1on1: Rep. Luis Gutierrez on Immigration Reform 2013-08-29, WHSV


Forum will help people learn about Obamacare 2013-09-02, Free Lance Star

‘Cash Mob’ Helps Woman Shutting Down Her Business 2013-09-03, Capital Bay

25 of Our Favorite Pictures from Immigration Reform Summer 2013-09-04, Storify

Immigration Reform Rally Calls on Rep. Cantor 2013-09-05, WVTF

The struggle for affordable housing is far from over 2013-09-09, The Virginian-Pilot

Forum set at UMW on living wage issues 2013-09-14, The Freelance Star

UMW’s Va. Organizing chapter to offer forum on labor rights 2013-09-14, Fredericksburg

Health reform’s next big kickoff 2013-09-16, Fredericksburg

‘Mobile justice tour’ to stop in Richmond 2013-09-17, Times Dispatch

The Daily Progress “Classes” 2013-09-17, Daily Progress

Closing Fast on Nov. 5 2013-09-19, WMRA

Washington County, Va., residents voice concern over prospect of gas drilling 2013-09-19, TriCities

Open Enrollment Nears for Affordable Care Act 2013-09-19, NewsPlex

Felons slow to seek restoration of rights 2013-09-19, Freelance Star

Joe Szakos is with Virginia Organizing Project and talks about funding being cut from SNAP. 2013-09-20, WINA

Few take advantage of Va. rights restoration order 2013-09-23, tricities

Few nonviolent felons seek to regain their right to vote 2013-09-23, Roanoke

2 months after Virginia felon rights restoration order, few sign up to reclaim civil righs 2013-09-23, The Republic

Explanation of new health plan draws a crowd 2013-09-25, Fredericksburg

Albemarle Board of Supervisors Candidates Talk Environment at Forum 2013-09-25, NewsPlex

Americans Gear up for Obamacare Enrollment 2013-10-01, WHSV

Federal health insurance marketplace opens, with some maladies on the software front 2013-10-02

Success on Opening Day of Health Care Exchange 2013-10-04, US Action

Social Justice Matters SALT forum gives candidates a chance to tell voters where they stand on social justice issues. 2013-10-04, Herndon Connection

Listado completo de marchas en favor a una Reforma Migratoria 2013-10-04, TVWFDC

Voter registration drive set in city 2013-10-04, Fredericksburg 

Voter registration drive set in city 2013-10-05, Freelance Star

Marching For ‘Dignity’ Area Residents Walk To Recall Deported Friends And Family 2013-10-07, DNR Online

Voter Registration Drive held at PHS 2013-10-08, Progress-Index

Harrisonburg Group to March in Washington, D.C. 2013-10-08, WHSV

Affordable Care Act presentation at Department of Social Services 2013-10-10, Herald-Progres

Virginia Organizing and Transition Charlottesville Albemarle will hold a skill-share workshop 2013-10-13, Daily Progress

Health care presentations set Oct. 28-29 in Hanover 2013-10-14, Times Dispatch

Restoration of rights workshop set Nov. 14 2013-10-15, Fredericksburg

Scores testify for, against Medicaid expansion in VA — but will it matter? 2013-10-16, Watch Dog

Immigration documentary screening coming to Waynesboro 2013-10-16, American Towns

Event to encourage voter turnout set for Va. Beach 2013-10-18, The Virginian-Pilot

After Shutdown Comes Immigration Reform On Agenda 2013-10-18, WHSV


Group Pushes for Immigration Reform After Government Shutdown 2013-10-21, WHSV

Group Urges Goodlatte to Pass Immigration Reform 2013-10-21, WHSV

Tanker cars at Mayfield still haven’t been addressed 2013-10-21, Freelance Star

Mind the gap: Too rich for Medicaid, too poor for Affordable Care Act subsidies 2013-10-23, WTVR

Immigration groups escorted from Eric Cantor’s Richmond office 2013-10-24, Augusta Free Press

Tax fairness would allow us to invest again In our nation 2013-10-30, Augusta Free Press

Coat Drive to be held in Charlottesville 2013-11-02, Free News Pos

Healthcare forum scheduled for Lee County 2013-11-09, Tricities

WORKSHOP FOR RESTORING RIGHTS 2013-11-11, Freelance Star

Your Community, Your Climate 2013-11-11, Norfolk Metro

Joe Szakos on Medicaid on WINA 2013-11-13, WINA

Landes should expand Va. Medicaid 2013-11-13, Daily Progress

Immigration reform advocates urge action from Cantor 2013-11-15, Times Dispatch

Virginia Organizing: Boehner going back on his word on immigration reform 2013-11-16, Augusta Free Press

A Visit with VA Chapter of Hispanic Christian Conference 2013-11-17, Warner

Those living in Pennington Gap seek answers about hospital closure 2013-11-17, WJHL

Lee County residents rally to bring back hospital 2013-11-17, WCYB

Hampton Roads Dice: Presente en el Congreso 2013-11-20, Issuu

Virginia Organizing Celebrates “Unsung Heroes” 2013-11-23, Newsplex

Virginia Organizing Holds ‘Unsung Heroes’ Fundraiser 2013-11-23, NBC

Community solidarity with immigrant families at Tuesday rally in Dayton 2013-11-26, Augusta Free Press

Community solidarity with immigrant families at Tuesday rally in Dayton 2013-11-26, American Towns

Pressure and Passivity on Immigration 2013-11-27, NY Times

Alternative Gift Fair offers almost twice as many nonprofits to choose from at the Paramount 2013-11-29, Daily Progress

Medicaid expansion and Virginia’s job gap 2013-12-04, Augusta Free Press

Living Wage Job Gap 2013-12-04, WVTF

Charitable Deduction Reforms 2013-12-08, Chief Organizer

Help available for health care applicants 2013-12-09, Go Dan River


Back by Popular Demand, 10-City Tour Calls for Overhaul of Virginia’s Justice System 2013-12-11, Nation Inside

Dave Matthews Band Provides Over $400k in Grants to Local Nonprofits 2013-12-13, Newsplex

Virginia Organizing: Budget deal shows more work needed to protect individuals 2013-12-16, Progress-Index

Virginia Organizing hosts ObamaCare forum in Waynesboro 2013-12-18, American Towns

Virginia Organizing hosts ObamaCare forum in Waynesboro 2013-12-19, Augusta Free Press

Affordable Care Act Forum 2013-12-20, WHSV

Local Groups Help People Sign Up For Health Care 2013-12-23, Newsplex

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