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Monthly Sustainer Information

Virginia Organizing is only able to do this work because of our grassroots funders — that’s real people like you who support our organization! This year, we set a goal to have 275 sustainers. Sustainers are people to give a monthly gift to Virginia Organizing. This can done in several ways:

  • Fill out the sustainer agreement and mail to our office. The sustainer form can be downloaded from our website at http://bit.ly/vaorg_sustainer.
  • Set up a monthly bill pay through online banking. Ask your local bank or credit union if you have questions about how to set up a monthly bill pay to send donations to Virginia Organizing.
  • Visit http://bit.ly/vaorgdonate and set up a recurring donation through our Network for Good account.
  • Send a monthly gift by mail (703 Concord Avenue, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903)

Contact Sally Bastian at 434-984-4655 ext. 229 or bastian@virginia-organizing.org for more information.

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