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Organizing Toolbox

“I Remember” Videos from Grassroots Gathering 2017

Denise Smith: Virginia Organizing’s Roots in Southwest Virginia

Jay Johnson: “We Won’t Give Up”

Del McWhorter: Borrowing and Sharing Power

Duane Edwards: Don’t Water Down My Message

Building Power through Civic Engagement

How Do I Help? Leadership Flyer (July 2016)

Facilitation Tips from Communities for Public Health and Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

Moving Elected Officials to Action
Here are some tips to keep in mind when you meet with your legislator(s)!

Listening Project

TOOLKIT: Move Our Money/Virginia Organizing Toolkit

Virginia Organizing is part of the New Bottom Line, a coalition of organization nationwide that is working with congregations, unions, and community organizations across the country to move their money from the big banks with a goal of taking back $1 billion before the end of the year. Virginia Organizing/The New Bottom Line is supporting local groups and congregations with a toolkit.

Working with The Other 98%, The New Bottom Line is launching www.moveourmoneyusa.org that allows individuals and community groups to self-organize public events and actions to move money out of the big banks in their community. We want to make moving our money a collective action that shows that people are organized and ready to demand that the big banks invest in our communities! The website provides tools for creating and promoting events, the how-to’s of putting together a successful action, and a report back form for groups and individuals on the total amount of money moved, with the goal of getting to a total of $1 billion.

Move Our Money/Virginia Organizing Toolkit

Education Reform: Obstacles to Opportunity

Organizing Toolbox 2006 & 2007

  • “The personal rewards of organizing.” October 2007.
  • “Building power: labor organizing and community organizing can work together in Virginia.” May 2007.
  • “Meeting with your Virginia legislators — is it worthwhile?” October 2006.
  • “Breaking Down Ignorance.” May 2006.

Organizing Toolbox 2006-2007

Organizing Toolbox 2005

  • “General Assembly 101.” October 2005.
  • “Practical strategies to increase affordable housing at the local level.” July 2005.
  • “Voter Registration.” April 2005.

Organizing Toolbox 2005

Organizing Toolbox 2002

  • “Grassroots fundraising: Asking individuals for donations to VOP.” October 2002.
  • “Getting endorsements of your campaigns.” July 2002.
  • “How to Organize a Living Wage Campaign.” April 2002.
  • “How to Research Land/Property Records.” April 2002.
  • “Tips on Talking with Your Legislators.” January 2002.

Organizing Toolbox 2002

Organizing Toolbox 2000

  • “Turn Problems into Issues.” October 2000.
  • “What It Takes to Be a Leader in a Diverse Statewide Multi-Issue Organization.” July 2000.
  • “Voter Registration.” April 2000.
  • “Choosing Tactics.” January 2000.

Organizing Toolbox 2000

Organizing Toolbox 1999

  • “Strategy: The Fundamentals.” October 1999.
  • “Tips for Writing Effective Letters to the Editor.” July 1999.

Organizing Toolbox 1999

Organizing Toolbox articles by Ellen S. Ryan

  • “Grassroots Fundraising.”
  • “Community Action: Learning the Ropes.”
  • “Building Public Relationships: The Cornerstone of Our Approach.”
  • “Why Organize?”

Organizing Toolbox Articles by Ellen S. Ryan

Organizing Toolbox articles by Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and Southern Empowerment Project

  • “Holding House Meetings.” April 1998.
  • “Approaches to Change.” Written by Kentuckians For The Commonwealth.
  • “How to Delegate.” Written by Kentuckians For The Commonwealth.
  • “Community Organizing and Civic Renewal: A View from the South.” Written by Seth Borgos and Scott Douglas.

Organizing Toolbox Articles from KFTC and SEP

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