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Virginia Organizing September 2011 Newsletter

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Victory on Health Care Ruling Against Cuccinelli Challenge!

On September 8, The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in Richmond threw out Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s challenge to the Affordable Care Act. “Today we celebrate the end of Cuccinelli’s health care lawsuit which wasted time, taxpayer dollars and sought to return us to a status quo that leaves a million Virginians without coverage,” said Jim Lindsay of the Virginia Organizing Health Care Committee.
"As a physician, I have observed overcrowding in the emergency department and unnecessary suffering resulting from Americans’ lack of health insurance.  Upholding the Affordable Care Act is critical to improving the health and health care system in our country," said Dr. Chris Lillis, Fredericksburg physician and member of the Virginia Organizing Health Care Committee.
"I received tax credits last year that helped me afford rising premiums for my 25 employees. Upholding the Affordable Care Act means upholding my ability to provide health insurance for my employees," said Kevin Wilson owner of Sticky To Go-Go and The Cellar Door in Richmond.

UMW Chapter Protests Cuccinelli Campus Visit

On September 17 the University of Mary Washington Virginia Organizing Chapter organized a large protest to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s campus visit. Attorney General Cuccinelli became visibly rattled by the student organizers and activists who outnumbered his supporters 6-to-1 in the room. When a student questioned the Attorney General’s assertion that carbon dioxide must be safe for the environment since everyone in the room was exhaling, Mr. Cuccinelli retorted by saying that “CO2 is pretty good for trees. Your sign was made from trees, tree-killer,” before turning to field his next question.

When the subject turned to his health care lawsuit, the room erupted in a chorus of “YOU FAIL!” The Attorney General went on to explain that restricting access to health care is a not a bad idea because “human beings will adjust.” Now that’s compassionate conservatism!

My Trip to the White House

By: Sandra Cook

On September 12,  I got the chance to the meet the President and Vice President and talk to them about Virginia Organizing! I was lucky enough to be seated in the front row at the President’s Jobs Plan event in the White House Rose Garden.

After the speech, President Obama and Vice President Biden made their way through the crowd to meet and greet. Just as it seemed like I may not get a chance to say hello, President Obama walked right over to me.

Despite having memorized what I wanted to say over and over again, I could barely think of my name! I managed to get a “hello” out. The President then shook my hand and noticed that I had brought along his autobiography. “Would you like for me to sign your book?” asked the President. I said, “Yes” and mustered the courage to introduce myself and let him know I was there on behalf of Virginia Organizing. When I said the words Virginia Organizing, the President nodded, smiled and said, “Great!”
As if meeting the President wasn’t exciting enough, I also got to meet Vice President Biden. As the Vice President made his rounds, he came over to me and pointed at my Virginia Organizing button. He said, “I want you to tell Virginia Organizing to continue the great work that they are doing. Can you pass that message along for me?”
A woman of my word, I am passing the Vice President’s message along to you. Virginia Organizing’s members, leaders and supporters are the reason we are able to work together for a more just Virginia. Often our battles are uphill and we do not get recognition from the leaders of the free world. But it’s sure fun when we do!
And now the fight continues. Please take action by supporting the President’s American Jobs Act, which will put thousands of Virginians back to work while strengthening our infrastructure. Click here to contact your members of Congress.

Vote on November 8!

Campaign season is heating up and it's becoming harder to break through the noise and find out where the candidates really stand. That's why Virginia Organizing joined with other groups to host a Prince William General Assembly candidate forum to focus on poverty, budget cuts, immigration, housing and education. Click here for video of the event.

Don't forget, the deadline to register to vote is October 17! Visit www.sbe.virginia.gov for more information about getting registered and where you vote. Visit the Virginia Public Access Project  to learn more about the candidates and who is contributing to their coffers.

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